Predictive platforms refine continuous streams of data to inform business decisions. They respond and adapt to ever-changing conditions. The scope of data they use is a tremendous influence on outcomes.

A complete ground truth in real-time must include the nascent streams of data generated at the extreme edge — the end nodes of networks, where physical environments are digitized with sensors.


Govern the movement of data from the extreme edge :

1. Resource-constrained sensors
2. Competitive advantage from reduced signal-to-insight times
3. Information accuracy and security at scalable cost.

Entire new fields of data will be fed into remote platforms. Regulated industries will exceed and expand security beyond standards. Nascent insights, efficiencies, and advantages become visible to the enterprise.

Allows resource-constrained devices
like sensors and simple IoT components –
to securely transmit their data.

Moves all data faster
with less energy and
compute cycles.


Enable enterprises with large networks of resource-constrained devices to securely expand their data pipelines by employing an efficacious end-to-end encryption (E2EE) protocol.

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