We are a team of cryptographers, serial entrepreneurs, and futurists who believe LightStream will breakthrough theoretical limits in the Era of Data.

Victor Hughes
Founder & CEO
Cryptocurrency startup founder with Military Intelligence experience.
Travis Kellerman
Co-founder of high-growth tech startups.
Shelly Hirshon
Accomplished legal career. Licensed and exited technology from Harvard University.
Dr. Jay Misra
Inventor & Sr. Technical Advisor
Leading cryptography researcher and Professor of Computer Science.
Dr. Reza Tourani
Inventor & Technical Advisor
Data delivery specialist, encryption researcher, and Associate Professor of Computer Science.
Ya’el Chaikin
Business Development Operations Director
Creative systems thinker and problem-solver with team and project management experience.
Jason Rigby
Creative Director
Digital Marketing Expert for over 20 years and provides strategic direction for client digital marketing campaigns.