LightStream is future-ready encryption technology for the Era of Data.



patented algorithm reduces resource requirements and energy footprint


innovative use of randomized Huffman tables results in significant security enhancement


fewer compute cycles to encrypt and decrypt data creates efficiency that boosts performance


core security layer for devices at the extreme edge, where resources are constrained and conventional encryption fails

LightStream is a foundational software layer for end-to-end
encryption in networks where IoT devices are deployed.

It works

The innovative LightStream encryption algorithm uses randomized Huffman tables together with a stream cipher to create efficiency, while enhancing security.

Figure 3


the IoT Crisis

There are more than 20 Billion IoT devices deployed today. That’s more than 4 IoT devices for every human connected to the Internet, and by 2025, the total number of IoT devices deployed is projected to grow to 70 Billion.

More than 90% of IoT device communication is transmitted in plaintext. This is because conventional AES encryption is too expensive, in terms of resource requirements, to be implemented—and that’s when it functions at all. This is the large and growing network attack vector that LightStream secures.

The LightStream

Securing the extreme edge, in order to protect information, systems, infrastructure, and operations, while enabling enterprises to make smarter decisions.

  • Securely integrate digital assets into your data pipeline
  • Unlock new potential with unrealized data-streams
  • Get better business insights faster, cheaper, and more safely

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